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Eugene Von Bruenchenhein Audio Recordings Edit




  • c. 1955-1965 (Creation)


  • 47 compact disc(s) (Whole)

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  • Abstract

    This collection consists of forty-seven compact dics of audio recordings made by Eugene Von Bruenchenhein. The recordings include various types of music (classical, popular, jazz, opera, and more) as well as dialogue recorded from multiple radio programs and news events, including the 1956 Democratic National Convention. About half of the compact discs have recordings of Von Bruenchenhein's spoken word, which ranges from what sounds like poetry or songs, to narratives describing traveling in South America, his (imagined) involvement with Sputnik, and discussions, including a fight with his wife Marie. Some recordings are of him singing or humming along to the music, and some just include ambient sounds, include rain and thunder. A full transcript of the spoken word tracks is included in this finding aid.

  • Immediate Source of Acquisition

    Gift of Lewis and Jean Greenblatt, 2014

  • Conditions Governing Access

    The collection is open for research. Access to sensitive materials may be restricted at the discretion of the American Folk Art Museum.

  • Conditions Governing Use

    The Eugene Von Bruenchenhein Audio Recordings are owned by the American Folk Art Museum. The collection is subject to all copyright laws, and is dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship.

  • Preferred Citation

    [item description], [date], Eugene Von Bruenchenhein Audio Recordings, [CD number], American Folk Art Museum Archives, New York. Gift of Lewis and Jean Greenblatt, 2014

  • Biographical Note

    Eugene Von Bruenchenhein worked as a florist and a baker before devoting the last forty years of his life to making art. The son of a sign painter and the stepson of a Sunday painter who believed in reincarnation, Von Bruenchenhein was exposed to creative trades and nonconformist ideas from an early age. It was a fortunate foundation for an artist who eventually found voice in a wide range of expressions: photography, painting, ceramics, sculpture, and poetry. He was idiosyncratic in his techniques, choosing to fingerpaint with oils, fire clay pieces in his kitchen oven, and construct intricate objects from leftover chicken and turkey bones. "Create and be recognized" commanded a sign the artist hung in his basement studio, and he attempted just that; his home was transformed over four decades by his unrelenting outpouring of expression.

    Von Bruenchenhein's most compelling works are his photographs: self-portraits, double-exposures, and thousands of portraits of his wife, Marie. His devotion to his artmaking was superseded only by his obsession with Marie, whom he called “the queen of my existence.” Emulating mid-century pin-ups, Von Bruenchenhein captured his wife in various stages of dress and undress, adorning his subject with vampish costumes and idiosyncratic accessories against floral draped backdrops. In the photos, Marie assumes poses and expressions that display the range of female sexuality—innocent and virginal, seductive and sexy. Sometimes, when she confronts the camera lens (and her husband), she even appears a little bit bored. It is not at all clear, in fact, if Marie is a willing or unwilling collaborator in the creation of these images.

    The artist’s world was not fully understood nor appreciated until after his death, but he had not chosen to remain unknown—he had tried, unsuccessfully, to attract the attention of clients, galleries, and museums. Nonetheless, he certainly valued his artwork and held himself in high esteem: a hand-tinted photographic self-portrait bears the bold inscription "Time produced non better."

  • Scope and Contents

    This collection consists of forty-seven compact dics of audio recordings made by Eugene Von Bruenchenhein. The recordings are on forty-six compact discs, which were digitized from twenty-two audiocassette tapes. There is also one compact disc that contains transcriptions of the recordings.

    The recordings include various types of music (classical, popular, jazz, opera, and more) as well as dialogue recorded from multiple radio programs and news events, including the 1956 Democratic National Convention. About half of the compact discs have recordings of Von Bruenchenhein's spoken word, which ranges from what sounds like poetry or songs, to narratives describing traveling in South America, his (imagined) involvement with Sputnik, and discussions, including a fight with his wife Marie. Some recordings are of him singing or humming along to the music, and some just include ambient sounds, include rain and thunder.

  • Arrangement

    The forty-six compact discs are labeled to correspond to the audiocassette tapes from which they were digitized. Each disc is then further broken down into tracks to correspond with the different types of recordings. There were twenty-two original audiocassette tapes, each of which was recorded on both sides.

  • Tape Log and Transcription

    All Tape labels correspond to audiocassette tapes that were transferred to digital audio. The audio files are organized into folders corresponding to tape and track names.

    Tape 1, side 1, 1st half:
    01. Classical Music 44:48

    Tape 1, side 1, 2nd half:
    01. Classical Music 8:39
    02. Popular Music 15:18
    03. EVB Spoken Word 1:04

    In death we enter the darkness of despair / never to reappear again / for all of time / entrust your heart / to one who is willing to give / all for your sake / and your sake alone

    04. Classical Music 2:58
    05. Instrumental Music 4:30

    Tape 1, side 2, 1st half:
    01. Jazz Music 4:37
    02. Opera Music 2:23
    03. Jazz Music 5:19
    04. Instrumental Music 6:11
    05. Instrumental Music 2:24
    06. Instrumental Music 11:35
    07. Instrumental Music 9:14

    Tape 1, side 2, 2nd half:
    01. Classical Music 4:39
    02. EVB Spoken Word 0:30

    Here here tomorrow / Always the same / Music music music / That’s all we have tonight, is music music music / Try your luck at this / Try your luck at what we’ll have next

    03. Dialogue from Radio 2:14
    04. Music-Instrumental, Pop, and Jazz 4:09
    05. EVB Spoken Word 0:08

    Indecipherable words / You owe it

    06. Popular Music 2:39
    07. EVB Singing 0:11
    08. Station Scanning and then Classical Music 5:54
    09. EVB Spoken Word 0:18

    All this world is, is a chunk of ice / With warm spots here and warm spots there

    10. Classical Music 0:38
    11. EVB Spoken Word 0:23

    I love all the world / Even with the terror that it is / But I, I have my soul of men / I have my soul of men / In mankind / In the rest

    12. Classical Music 0:15
    13. EVB Spoken Word 0:27

    Love your life as you will / It’s one life and no more / Then it all is gone / All is gone by you, all is gone by you / One life and one life alone should be enough / To make all ends meet / And be beautiful

    14. Classical Music 0:23

    Tape 2, side 1, 1st half:
    01. Democratic National Convention 4:00
    02. Jazz Music with Voices in the Background 20:04
    03. Jazz Music Continued After a Period of Silence 20:35

    Tape 2, side 1, 2nd half:
    01. Jazz Music 3:18
    02. Popular Music 210
    03. Popular Music, Simon and Garfunkel 2:17
    04. Instrumental Music 2:13
    05. Popular Music 3:43
    06. EVB Spoken Word 7:18

    I saw the music chord tonight / We dream and dream / And the dreams we dream / Amount to naught / We dream / Of a state / Of beautiful mansions / Away from what we have / We dream, we dream / And we dream / And the dreams / Amount to naught / The dreams amount to naught / Do you think / That we will ever find / In treasures of a stable mind / The glories that we have seen / In mind alone / Where we have been / No, no we capture not / A segment of our youth / No segment / Not a shred of youth / We find in every little shred of truth / That it cannot be reclaimed / And on that we shall have / No youth again / Is adamant to all the things / Even to the note of truth / Found in all / The wandering that we make / Beyond the call of sanity at all / You, you, and you / Are growing older and time / Takes it’s precious amount / From each and ever being / Not seeing all the things / That you and me / Could arrive at during each / Dream of another / Great entanglement / With honey / The rest / Leave it then / As such / Leave it then / And not much / That we can do / Nor can we hope for a greater thing / Than what we are

    We die, then we die / And a hundred million years / Of progress dies / With each and every individual of mankind / We die and a hundred million years of progress / That nature has strived for are gone / An instant and each and every / Precious moment that should have been treasured / Is at vanishing point / Remember that when you vanish / A hundred million years vanish in your demise

    Tape 2, side 2, 1st half:
    01. Democratic National Convention, Estes Kefauver and Adlai Stevensen (1956) 43:28

    Tape 2, side 2, 2nd half:
    01. Democratic National Convention, Estes Kefauver and Adlai Stevensen (1956) 20:48

    Tape 3, side 1, 1st half:
    01. Jazz Music 4:22
    02. Miscellaneous Music 7:31
    03. Popular Music 4:19
    04. Jazz Music 19:06
    05. Instrumental Music 2:33
    06. Jazz Music 4:52
    07. Music, Mostly Instrumental jazz 2:14

    Tape 3, side 1, 2st half:
    01. Jazz Music 2:36
    02. Jazz Music 4:44
    03. Jazz Music 2:31
    04. Miscellaneous Music 3:50

    Tape 3, side 2, 1st half:
    01. Noises, EVB fiddling with equipment 1:02
    02. Instrumental Music 3:45
    03. Jazz Music 5:16
    04. Music 3:58
    05. Instrumental Music 3:39
    06. Jazz Music 1:16
    07. Banjo Music 1:01
    08. Country Music, EVB Singing Along 3:47
    09. Humming Noise 2:37
    10. Country Music 4:50
    11. Humming Noise 0:45
    12. Country Music Cutting In and Out, EVB Sings occasionally, various speeds 7:34
    13. Radio Drama 3:00
    14. Instrumental Music, Various Speeds 3:04

    Tape 3, side 2, 2nd half:
    01. Instrumental Music 8:51
    02. Vocal and Instrumental Music 4:41
    03. WBBM Announcement and then Humming 2:35

    Tape 4, side 1, 1st half:
    01. Jazz Music 2:26
    02. Humming Noise 2:27
    03. Popular Music Eydie Gormet 4:37
    04. Jazz Music 4:49
    05. Popular Music 1:08.
    06. Classical Music 15:50
    07. Radio Drama 2:25
    08. Popular Music 2:39
    09. Instrumental Music 2:46
    10. Popular Music 2:55
    11. Classical Music 3:34
    12. Instrumental Music 2:51
    13. Classical Music 0:47

    Tape 4, side 1, 2nd half:
    01. Classical Music 0:30
    02. Instrumental Music 3:01
    03. Popular Music 0:58
    04. Instrumental Music 7:10
    05. Popular Music 2:32
    06. Popular Music 1:59
    07. Popular Music 2:30
    08. Popular Music 0:49
    09. Instrumental Music 2:10
    10. Popular Music 0:51
    11. Country Music 3:09

    Tape 4, side 2, 1st half:
    01. Music 2:42
    02. Music 2:57
    03. Music 4:14
    04. Music 3:55
    05. Classical Music 12:13
    06. Classical Music with Background Noises and Singing/Humming 18:54

    Tape 4, side 2, 2nd half:
    01. Classical Music 12:58
    02. Classical Music with EVB Singing/Speaking 17:32

    Out of This World / Fabulous, fabulous / This is heavenly / That's the way I always wanted to play the violin / I started out / I could never play like that / He plays right out of this world / When there's heaven, he earned it / you ever hear anything like that? / You only handle a violin like you were god / This is Eugene, he's taping this / I'm stealing this because it's so beautiful / Tape for heaven sakes get this on / (18:30) Frozen I died long ago I died Long ago / The people I told / Are not people anymore / Disaster, going to see a disaster to me / Old, one leads to another / They're all the same / They're all the same / There is nothing to this here / I ask you... / I only ask you... / Oh heaven / I climbed you steps to find a love / I went to find a love / That wasn't there / Oh heaven / I climbed your stairs to find a better world / All is gone, all is gone, all is gone / Depression / My transgression is in... / My transgression is in the loving one but no more, no more / Then the dirt that you... / Lift your eyes, lift your eyes to me / Lift your eyes to me, lift your eyes to me / For I will save you all transgression, your all...

    Tape 5, side 1, 1st half:
    01. Classical Music 44:41

    Tape 5, side 1, 2nd half:
    01. Classical Music 15:04
    02. EVB Spoken Word

    This was Edwin / As I wandered down those lonely corridors of time / Lone, forgotten with the rest / The golden years were gone / Such golden years in time / Now silence is more treasured than I guessed / I wander down the length of silence never ending / Adamant in place / And still in all / Too grand is the anguish that I face / Too grand beyond the slope of shifting years / Your lovely face / My mind could rest if I could find a safe and plausible reason / Why the soul must bear such unbearable anguish / Through every season / Alone, alone [...] / Upon the planes of life's demise / No more will beautiful eyes form the grandeur of surprise / Another dawn will come as passing years take their place / And passages are long and spent in lonely empty space / As I wander down those lonely corridors of time / Alone and forgotten with the rest Islands in ourselves / Knowing not the source of one / Nor of the other, spent / Not knowing the wander of island / Until they are spent / Oh god why do these mighty moments / Glow so bright and disappear / Are they but thorns of the mind that live and die while love is near? / There love becomes the rapture / Too difficult for the mind to conceal / Too pure and sweet For any human to reveal / We wandered inbound the unknown path of universe alone / Because islands live and love and die and are gone / My minions write the words that I had not the force of mind to write / I walk in dreams all beautiful / By this certain form of night / The corridors of years once filled with gleaming light / The flames of youth all burn / And lie in ashes now / The storms and calm of manhood / All passed as humans cease to blunder / All gone like silence after violence / Of the roaring thunder / These corridors the remnants of a wasting universe / I, the lonely island of a man left with no pain / But the memories which are worse / Memories which are worse / Memories which are worse / Memories which are worse / Lives are long / Lives are long / But why are they so very bitter? / Why are they so very bitter? / When we are gone there no longer is an answer / There no longer is an answer / There no longer is an answer / And the beauty that we sought so long

    Tape 5, side 2, 1st half:
    01. Classical Music 1:08
    02. Vocal Music 7:12
    03. Instrumental Music 1:41
    04. Narrative/Comedy/Radio Program 11:28
    05. Vocal Music 16:40
    06. Popular Music 8:19

    Tape 5, side 2, 2nd half:
    01. Popular Music 0:49
    02. Classical Music 5:55
    03. Instrumental Music 3:24
    04. Vocal Music 9:54
    05. Vocal Music 5:14
    06. Vocal Music 3:30
    07. Classical Music 1:17

    Tape 6, side 1, 1st half:
    01. Loud Hum, Indistinguishable Voices, Rain and Thunder 2:33
    02. EVB Tests Recording Device 2:57
    03. Vocal Music 2:29
    04. Music from My Fair Lady 9:28
    05. Various Music 27:32

    Tape 6, side 1, 2nd half:
    01. Popular and Instrumental Music 23:58

    Tape 6, side 2, 1st half:
    01. Instrumental Music 0:59
    02. Instrumental Music 1:17
    03. Instrumental Music 2:35
    04. Popular Music 1:50
    05. Instrumental Music 2:02
    06. German Vocal Music 3:02
    07. Instrumental Music 12:04
    08. Popular Music 4:50
    09. Instrumental Music 5:30
    10. Jazz Music 2:11
    11. Vocal Music 9:03

    Tape 6, side 2, 2nd half:
    01. Popular Music 7:54
    02. Country Music 2:24
    03. Popular Music 2:02
    04. Popular Music 9:25

    Tape 7, side 1, 1st half:
    01. Instrumental and Vocal Music 13:04
    02. Instrumental and Vocal Music 30:42

    Tape 7, side 1, 2nd half:
    01. Vocal Music 0:54
    02. EVB Sings-I Love Marie 4:35
    03. Instrumental and Popular Music 9:36
    04. Vocal Music 10:38

    Tape 7, side 2, 1st half:
    01. EVB Recording Himself Playing the Accordian 10:23
    02. Instrumental, Vocal, and Popular Music 34:14

    Tape 7, side 2, 2nd half:
    01. Vocal and Instrumental Music 20:02

    Tape 8, side 1, 1st half:
    01. Instrumental Music 10:57
    02. Instrumental and Vocal Music 34:10

    Tape 8, side 1, 2nd half:
    01. Vocal Music 1:59
    02. Instrumental Music 2:24
    03. Instrumental and Vocal Music 3:36
    04. Vocal Music 2:37
    05. Classical Music 3:33
    06. Vocal Music 5:41

    Tape 8, side 2, 1st half:
    01. Classical Music 34:44
    02. Christmas Music 8:59

    Tape 8, side 2, 2nd half:
    01. Tropical Music 3:25
    02. Vocal and Instrumental Music 10:25
    03. Instrumental Music and Musical Comedy 8:28

    Tape 9, side 1, 1st half:
    01. Live and Instrumental Music 22:22
    02. Vocal Music 9:41
    03. Auld Lang Syne and other New Year’s Eve Programming 12:25

    Tape 9, side 1, 2nd half:
    01. Live Music 17:18
    02. Instrumental Music 2:24
    03. Vocal Music, Marie Faintly in Background 2:10

    Tape 9, side 2, 1st half:
    01. Classical Music 13:16
    02. Vocal Music 2:35
    03. Classical Music 16:03
    04. Live Music 8:55
    05. Vocal Music 3:55

    Tape 9, side 2, 2nd half:
    01. Popular Music 0:41
    02. Instrumental Music 7:04
    03. Vocal Music 10:32
    04. Instrumental Music 3:00
    05. Radio Drama 2:08

    Tape 10, side 1, 2nd half:
    01. Vocal Music, EVB Sings Along Around 9 Minutes 12:51
    02. Opera Music 4:05

    Tape 10, side 2, 1st half:
    01. Vocal Music 1:58
    02. Classical Music 5:49
    03. Christmas Music 3:04
    04. Classical Music 17:05
    05. New Years Eve 1962, Music of Jan Garber and Others 17:01

    Tape 10, side 2, 2nd half:
    01. Jazz Music 4:19
    02. New Year’s Eve Programming 7:47
    03. Vocal Music 5:39

    Tape 11, side 1, 1st half:
    01. Instrumental Music 1:41
    02. Music, Slightly Variable Recording Speeds 18:30
    03. Music, Highly Variable Recording Speeds 16:28
    04. EVB Spoken Word 7:01

    See a larger world they cannot face / The web of government is binding ever tighter / On every citizen and every fighter / And those who claim sweet freedom / In conclusion only feed you tangled streams of pure confusion / That lead to nothing but illusion Then it is far better for a human's sanity / And the rest of rushing confused humanity / To have their own small world to cling to / And plan for tomorrow on what to do / The world outside won't rise to the highest / Without constructive minds to form tomorrow's advanced creation / And the little world will appear shiny new If you own one and indeed you do / I introduce you to those who wait / Until someone else forms a better state / They wait until better times are born they have no concept for a new reform / They’re indifference amazes even themselves / Their ignorance forms anger and repels In their mind any substantial gain for fulfillment of a better goal / But find they are inadequate on the whole / To cope with our society at large / Because the same society might charge them / If enlightenment find a way for government / To produce a better day for all others as well as they / So indifferent forms a barrier here / A barrier of stupidity and fear / And those people close their eyes to all progress / Modern times supplies / And retire to a tiny world they build / Where all their pleasures are fulfilled / And they / Carefully keep the larger world out / Except for things they cannot do without / Here in their world they don't see reform / They build their own little world uniform In their little world they can outride the storm / That the modern day throws in their way / That arrives on tattered wings to sit like buzzards / Wait for chance to make opportunity for their advance / Want and disease want and disease / Are kept at a distance like forest trees / A clearing make the buzzards lie In hope that some haggard soul might die / To fill their own small world of greed / Which need no mention of a better creed / But hunger is substantial to every need / To those who seek improvement here / Those people only spread the seed / While others nurture it to fulfill its essential journey to the mill / Now laws are needed to a great degree / But they chain men eventually / So society with many laws to know / Finally gives man a better place to go / But to fill the little world of idealistic pride / Where they and their loved ones can abide / And reject the larger world beside / Where the demons of many laws reside / Then we're in… / Won’t you find a better place worthy / Than a small world to bring the kinship of / Love and graciousness of being than a small world of your own / I introduce people trying to come forth / To find what the larger world is worth / By their diligent search for recognition / For others to nullify the larger world's condition / Their books are offered to a strangled populace / Who cannot conceive a better course for progress / But the inconsistency of self-decay / Where laws are made only for those who obey / Which statute has seen… / All laws are not made for justice of all / Many are made and many fall Misinterpreted and chain the citizenry to a wall And thus the tiny world to abide / To live in with utter pride / Seems far better than tangled schemes of government / For what the vast applied law enforcement meant / Look to the present youth who seek their own little world today

    Tape 11, side 1, 2nd half:
    01. EVB Spoken Word 4:20

    Even in a crowd their minds are far away / In an island of self-built bliss / A mindful eye for what they will be forced to miss / If they run with the mad toward disaster / Enmeshed in a mass… / Then these same remain in one mind or another seeking / Where with all to discovery how they can escape / From stayed reality With less than the chains that bind formality These days are what form the violent trend / That place such new generation no end / Some want the glamour of confusion / Some want the silence of seclusion / Some storm the gates for recognition / The key is accompanying such condition Is nothing new in our times over any other / But most adults are too indifferent to bother / As all adult school boy or child / Builds with him a world unto his meek / Builds another if the one he does not have succeeds / So mankind builds the little world measured / By all the wondrous things they treasured / And if this treasured dream world is not real / The secret world has never ended, ending appeal / Each self-world is built toward human need / While the outside world indulges war and greed / Confusion and the tangled web of laws / Then prides the world that does succeed / That formulates goodness and…s timulates each might / What better form of relief can any human / So each human builds a little world in his mind / A better richer world than he can find In the larger outside world that cannot be defined / Each human goes home to his or her allotted place / Because they see a larger world they cannot face / The world of government is binding ever tighter / On every citizen and every fighter / And those who claim sweet freedom / In conclusion only feed you tangled schemes of pure confusion / That lead to nothing but delusion / That it is far better for human sanity / And better for rushing confused humanity / To have their own small world to cling to / Then plan for tomorrow and what to do / The world outside won’t rise to higher station / Without constructive minds to form tomorrow’s advanced creation / And the little world will appear shining new if you have one and indeed you do

    02. Brief Music and then EVB Spoken Word 8:30

    Born entanglement / Anyone by now should know / This war was all conceived from information falsely gathered / The incident could have been marked off / So half-truths formed a web / And in the center watchful eyes observed / The stream of infamy testing jerkily the strands / And suddenly they are as iron bands / They closed on all enemy the same / Then man is drawn into a web of infamy / To misinformation gathered quickly falsely / Leading to a frightful tragedy / A hundred worlds could fall and not one wasted life / Could they recall from all that’s born / Political intrigue and false shadowings of secret unknown wrongs / That lie around the deadly web / And cannot be shaken off and make it less clear to see / Then bring no excuses for posterity to note / Excuse them no diamonds to ill force formed worth / Depart the soldiers the marines and the airmen paid / For swift and ill-conceived decision / Without the complete permission from the majority of our society / Now test your skills to escape a web / The iron strands of which hold you / ‘Til a fireworks enemy close off your way to liberty / The web not like when the participants went in It has formed a net to crush you / Then may well as future years appear / There will be no gross accusations here / There will be no movement from our shore unless the situation warrants defense / The pros and cons of every cause thoroughly lifted sifted through / But by no reasonable excuse to light a life consuming fuse / That leads to war and devastation / The dead have no more flame / Words, well put, cannot make them whole again / For this, only history knows the shame / And liberty gets falsely used / And the young dead, so lately formed / This cannot be written off as just / This cannot be written off as just / The war was a diplomatic blunder / The price was too high, the dead too great in number / The country too small to warrant all the money spent / No reward at all for all those / Americans went / The American lives that were wasted in the fray / The political endeavor that broke down on the way / All the material and money that should have been used to better our national defense / Not many materials and all good will undone / America’s problems being solved by peaceful overture and more / The problem growing larger than it was before / Can we now rest where promised to the dead / Was disregarded, commitments used instead / Can we value peace beside the mountain of the fallen? / Can the wounded bear that awful price they paid? / Can the dead recall the sacrifice they’ve made? / Can the government atone for this diplomatic blunder? / While the thousands die beneath the cannon’s thunder? / No, excuses are not true enough to cover what has been undone / America cannot compensate the dead of every mother’s son / Nor erase from historic account the mere cause of such conflict / Then all the nations have the right to judge and to convict / There is a cause when war is strictly for defense / There is no cause when fought in misguided defiance / No matter what the consequence this war will engender / We were the according to law aggressors not the defenders / So the judgments will be the world’s opinion toward the nation / As powerful as we are, still America cannot erase the stain of committed transgression / But through intense confliction will lead a very costly lesson / With no glory to American prestige or American purpose / Politicians can smile but they cannot smile away the dead

    03. Instrumental Music 2:34
    04. Vocal Music 8:52

    Tape 11, side 2, 1st half:
    01. Slowed Audio 1:04
    02. Polka Time Radio Program 1:33
    03. Vocal Music 1:48
    04. Instrumental and Vocal Music 25:44
    05. Vocal Music with Music in the Background 3:21
    06. Radio Narrative with Music in Background 11:47

    Tape 11, side 2, 2nd half:
    01. Narrative and Music Radio Program 6:36
    02. EVB Spoken Word 14:34

    Did you people / Ever listen to anyone / With a lovely voice like Franklin McCormick? / Now he’s gone, or so I hear / A great man, beyond what people think today / People forget quickly that the things that are done for their own benefit / All is gone within one dark night / All is erased as darkness comes / When darkness goes there is no thought, no sweetness, no rhyme left / To a time when everything should have been / On the upside and not on the downside / Our lives are forfeited for naught if we do not claim to be endowed to be / What we in time shall eventually be / We are but dirt that worms move from section to section / To reclaim the lives that they shall lead from end to end / These things are forgotten by humanity / And all the good things the good things before the bad before the bad things fall / I have no voice / I have no voice like the grand McCormick / He had the voice, the voice that brought me all the love of poetry / And art and all the things / And what I should have done was to let him read the things I wrote / That would be in a class by itself / Take McCormick, take McCormick / He does, he will not, he should not, he is not dead / I feel that men such as him build themselves upon the voice alone / They have, in time, the satisfaction of knowing that they have done great things / For people who have faltered in their quest of life / Of doing what they should have done and faltering on the way / These people do not falter / This one night, two nights, a hundred thousand nights if it were possible / They would do exactly as has been proscribed for them to do / A wondrous person never falters or falls in ditches / Or falls in pits, pitfalls or the rest / A wondrous person could find no rest in this junket of a stupid world of men not, not, not beyond the stupid men / No, the world, the world is a good, a good, a staple, a forever / A downright solid piece that we can rely upon / Whereas we rely upon no man to bring us where we are / No man, no man brings another man to a goodness of his own ambition / No man helps, he can advise but he never helps / You never help anyone up a ladder to any kind of endeavor that is lasting / A man, a woman, a child / They are from the beginning what they are from the beginning there is no way that anyone can enrich them by a single thing they will find, they will seek and find each thing as they go they will seek and find it for their very own / There aint no way to push it their way / But it’s been pushed in their way and disregarded / No end, no end / Now we run down the forearm of life / We run down that in our eagerness / To produce better than those who have gone before us / And it is without regard one of the greatest struggles that men encounter In a lifetime of harassment and degradation and wretchedness / We try, we try, and we work the system from top to bottom / And wonder if each section of a system will work / Which component will give us the most enlightenment / Or which component is without regard for our enrichment, enlightenment / These are forgone conclusion that add to no great enrichment / Of anyone’s perspective of life or the pathway that they are to take / During possibly eighty years of life / Go down, go down east, go down the back stages of your life / And look, ask yourself which way / There’s pathways on either, side / One leads to hell, one to heaven, and one to the sun and so on / They all lead somewhere, they all lead to a great end / A great end which no one foresees, no one foresees / A great end, that is the great ending of all plays, all music / The quietude of the ages, the quietude of the ages / Encroaches upon each and every soul that maketh the blessing of the world / Or things or songs or sweetness or love / An ending to all of this, and ending to all is darkness and death

    03. Music 2:30

    Tape 12, side 1, 2nd half:
    01. Instrumental Music 3:11
    02. Vocal Music 10:29
    03. Classical Music 6:49

    Tape 12, side 2, 1st half:
    01. Classical Music 2:40
    02. Vocal Music 3:03
    03. Radio Program of Country and Popular Music Performances 20:25
    04. Classical Music with Noises in the Background 19:19

    Tape 12, side 2, 2nd half:
    01. Classical Music 20:16

    Tape 13, side 1, 1st half:
    01. Vocal Music, Pause, More Vocal and Instrumental Music 4:34
    02. Vocal Music 5:14
    03. Instrumental Music 4:58
    04. Vocal Music 2:47
    05. Christmas Music 2:21
    06. Vocal Music 5:51
    07. EVB Whistles, then Popular Music 18:28
    08. Opera Music 1:32

    Tape 13, side 1, 2nd half:
    01. Various Music 1:50
    02. EVB Tells South America and Sputnik Story 16:31

    As we enter the jungle we find the vegetation very close around herein. We chop our way through by moving things like that, we clear the trees away and find other things among the ground that might be enjoy-ous to any traveler that might pass by. The bird sings merrily in the trees, a river flows by aside here close by. We don’t see any natives so far but we will probably come to them. It’s good that it’s quiet today in the jungle. In about an hour it will start raining and we’ll have to get under shelter somewhere. You can’t find shelter everywhere you know, here. The trees are so thick you probably wouldn’t know it rained until it started dropping on the –here some a native right now. This native that just passed me is blonde and probably doesn’t belong to the jungle, you never know. She’s got some metal in her hair probably think she might be a queen or something. She might be a queen passing by here. These leaves change everything, out here in the snakes and all this stuff her. And the weather aint too good either, it’s too hot. Give me a rag there I’ll wipe my face off, oh boy. I wonder if that native’s going to walk be here again. If she walks by here again I’ll just have to stop here and see what tribe she’s from. Aint many blondes in this area. Mostly savages and black-haired people and animals of all different kinds. Snakes, lizards, just a regular heck of a place to be I can tell you that much, yes sit. I’ll be darn glad when I get out of it I aint going on any more expeditions like this—there’s that blonde again. Oh brother, look at that walk right there, look at that thing she wears oh brother. Hey, hey stop a while. Don’t pass don’t pass. There she goes looking… And they call these jungles? Goodbye, good bye expedition.
    I was sent down to South America in 1949 to put up some transmission lines for television stations we were supposed to make down there to give pictures of the natives. We have to chop a clearing, we chopped a clearing and put our transmitters up. We had our antennas about 75 feet from the ground sticking up through the jungle. The jungle trees were about 75 feet themselves. It seems that all these people always came around everyday to watch what we were doing. We had not much choice, we couldn’t chase them away and often times they got in our way. Many of our parts were stolen as souvenirs by the natives. Seems that on several occasions they came and raided it during the night, they took our transmission lines and tore them down. But we finally got our transmissions going that we could send pictures to the states of native dances and bridals which aborigines usually did for their festivals and so on. Things thaty they had no— practically a stone age class of people. Usually they brought their stone axes along, bows and arrows, clubs to be on the safe, side. They never knew what we might…The nights were nice and warm, you didn’t need any blankets. We needed netting for mosquitoes. Off and on it rained, rained almost every day. It kept the jungle pretty clean, it kept the stuff growing that we chopped down. All in all we spent a pretty good season down there. Nobody got sick but there seemed to be plenty of sickness amongst the natives. They were a pretty motley tribe, I’d say. Not working to much. Skins and rags that they could piece together with little stakes and so forth. I was attached to the great space movement in 1957 and I was asked by the Russians to witness the launching of their first Sputnik into the air. We took cars, ushered into a car and brought down to the field where this great space ship stood on its base, waiting for the zero hour to launch it out to the beyond. Everything seemed pretty secret and all these people were quiet. We came upon this huge rocket standing on the base, yeah the moon, yes. It was the baby moon there. At first appearance it seemed to me to be a three stage rocket because the variance of the three parts of it. I couldn’t tell, I couldn’t get close, I was pretty far away like all the rest. I was told the thing would go up in just a short time, so we waited until the zero hour when suddenly I seen the greatest flash of fire I witnessed. A flame below and the rocket started skyward leaving a stream beyond it. It went up, up, up and we watched it on the scope as it probably reached a hundred or so miles up. It was as clear as if we were right there. Soon the parts moved apart. The bottom part stopped, turned over, and sputtered down. The second part shipped off into space. You could see a flame coming from the rear, the lone part moving up, up up. We were given some scopes to look at, we could tell just exactly where the thing was going and how the thing was going. We felt like we were right by the thing. Just a plane going up, up, up. Suddenly the two parts broke again and the third part, the last part, kept right on going but the other part went up, soared for some time, seemed to disintegrate into the air. The third part went up, and stalled and turned on its, side and there was a terrific explosion, it looked simultaneous. One, you could see the back part moving along and out of the front seemed to burst a little round object, the baby moon. The cap kept going on with it, there was a cap on the front, a pointed cap on. All of it disappeared suddenly. It was the first launching of any satellite that the world has ever known and I think by far the greatest feat that man had ever accomplished up to this time. They both disappeared and I suppose it would be easy to track now that they’re on their way. We’ll find out later what ever happened to them if they keep on going on an orbit, which, this is supposed to be possible, that they will keep right on going around. We don’t know yet but we will soon find if they go around the world or not. It may fly off in space we are not sure. No one is sure here, yet, if the project is a success but we’ll find out if the baby moon will be on the order of the large moon which now goes around the world. Yeah, that’s our second satellite—no this is our first satellite. This is our first one ever. One had a dog—that’s right, the second one had a dog. It was bitter. They never came down, they burnt right up as they came back through the atmosphere towards earth. There wasn’t much left of them, probably some little parts, I’m not sure. But the Russians here said they’re going to make some that don’t burn up, that come right back without burning up. But we’ve got to see this yet, we’re not sure they can do it. I suppose it can be done—if something slowed them down, if some force slowed them down I think they can come back. So much for now, that little story of the first launching and how it was done.

    03. Music Recorded at Slow Speed 3:07

    Tape 13, side 2, 1st half:
    01. Classical Music and then Silence 2:16
    02. Discussion about Hippies, Often Cutting Out 24:38
    03. Popular Music—Elvis 2:24
    04. Vocal Music 1:49
    05. Vocal and Instrumental Music 10:25
    06. Instrumental and then Vocal Music 3:47

    Tape 13, side 2, 2nd half:
    01. Music—Drinking Song 2:54
    02. Vocal Music 1:46
    03. Instrumental and Vocal Music 17:05

    Tape 14, side 1, 1st half:
    01. Nixon Interview, Vietnam is Discussed 14:54
    02. Vocal Music 0:55
    03. EVB and Marie Conversing, Words Difficult to Make Out 2:36
    04. Milwaukee Brewers Game 1:21
    05. Introduction of President Nixon During a News Conference
    06. Music 5:51
    07. Vocal and Instrumental Music 18:16

    Tape 14, side 1, 2nd half:
    01. Christmas Music and News 9:17

    Tape 14, side 2, 1st half:
    01. Brief Music and then Sounds from a War Film in the Background 14:03
    02. Christmas and Other Music 7:26
    03. Instrumental Music, Variable Speed 6:25
    04. Music 5:12
    05. Audio From a Nature Program 1:45
    06. EVB Sun, Moon, and Earth Theory 9:25

    Hello Man or whosoever might deem it is worthy cause to reject or condemn before we find these theories to be correct or above suspicion or condemnation. It can be seen that what has already been said can only be the truth because of the fact that this moon now appears as a heap of ashes. It shall be until the eternal change comes which may never appear. The sun we see is getting back to normal and here might have another period of warm and abundant light which has vanished…now if, as the majority of persons believe, god is so all-powerful and oversees the life of all creatures he produces, the task then becomes too great for any unseen power because of its magnitude. Then we must stuffy all the lives through all the ages of time to the present, and lo we will find that most of them have been governed rather badly. This then throws more and more light upon the theory that life is begun but seldom guided from henceforth until its ultimate finish, whatever that might be. Therefore we see that if every life were governed by some superior force, how could evil ever be possible? If one child is changed can he ever get into mischief? If a ball being rolled down a hill has it any other course to go but down but downward? We must therefore see as intelligent beings that if each life were guided by some superior force there would be most evil as most see evil possible. As we know, a mother, if she be constantly on guard, oversees her child’s every move, can with no certainty whatever bring up the child to the maturity with any absolute knowledge that the child can one day turn to evil ways. No, it has been proved beyond a doubt that with constant care and vigilance the child will certainly build up his own idea of what he will do with his life once he has his own way. From childhood on a child will depend upon his own mind to guide him in good deeds, bad, or otherwise. Nothing can change it. If on the other hand his mind be set a channel of good no power on earth can change it, it will remain from beginning to end—
    —I’ve seen light from these places
    and oceans which covered the moon at that time
    Ages past and if man had been on earth he should have seen a green moon and a red sun
    It seems that suddenly the sun had a burst of power which had been given it by gas which traveled through the immensity of space. This gas encompassed the sun and brought about the change that it became hotter and hotter and sent out these hot rays which struck the moon and all the planets that were close upon the sun. the moon at the time had atmosphere and seemed as normal in life as the earth does today. It had animal life, to be sure, but when the catastrophe of heavy heat being thrown upon its surface, the water quickly evaporated but where it went is mere conjecture. The moon soon became a shell of ashes and the earth became a cloud encrusted sphere with heavy fog and mist about it that covered the sun but was not harmful to the plant growth which began to flourish in the greatest profusion that the earth has ever seen. If man had been on earth at this time he should have been surrounded by the greatest amount of animal and plant life that has ever been upon the earth. The sun was not seen during all the time of the sun’s flare up. But great mists and fog and swamps prevailed upon the earth. The ice was melted from pole to pole.

    Tape 14, side 2, 2nd half:
    01. EVB Sun, Moon, and Earth Theory Continued 11:41

    And continents were swamped by water which probably was deep, deep over great expanses of land. Wherein the dinosaur and other prehistoric monsters flourished and ate in greatest content. Many years this condition prevailed upon the earth, until the sun became clouded from smoke which the gas burning around its surface entailed the sun with a shell that could not be pierced. Slowly the earth began to freeze and the animals began to perish and the great ice age began to creep from pole to equator in the vast expanse of lands and seas. The ice crawled down from the north from year to year unending, crushing and grinding every creature and plant that was in its wake until at long last it ended near the equator. But before this happened the sun again was cleared and it began its long journey back to normalcy. Where the clouds, vapors of smoke went is only conjecture but probably it traveled into space and was dispersed or dropped off until at long last the sun came back in its brightness and glory as it had in the long, long past. But damage had been done which never could be repaired. The planets closer to the sun were mere ash heaps which never again would see life of any form nor manner. The moon also was an ash heap which was later pitted through centuries of pounding by meteors that came from outer space. What happened to the other planets will never be known unless man is able in the future to travel these immense distances and find out for himself what damage had been done. The earth suffered but not enough so that it had become an ash heap like unto those closer to the sun. Mars must have had its most prolific years of culture and growth during the time of this immense flair up. Never again can Mars have this glory as it had in days gone by. Perhaps never again shall there be a flair up of the sun such as happened probably millions of years ago. Since then there has been little activity upon the sun, or so it would appear from sounds taken upon the earth since this great period of prolific activity. Cold beds were formed during this immense period of profusion and growth of plants and animals. But these cold beds are the last I imagine that shall ever be formed. Today we look at the moon and wonder why it does not turn as does the earth. But wonder as we may, it no longer turns because it has no longer the power of electrical force and magnetism which were burned from it during this great period of devastation by an enlarged embrightened sun. Thank you and good night.

    [Marie can then be heard in the background]

    Billion la la la. This has been the study through 20 years and more of manuscripts which have been given me by various organizations and persons interested in the advancement of science to a degree where it cannot be disputed by those who have little interest or no interest at all in the subject. Far be it for me to have given this lecture on the mere assumption that my theory might be right. It is merely a story that can—

    Tape 15, side 1, 1st half:
    01. Vocal Music 2:13
    02. Instrumental Music 4:26
    03. EVB Briefly Singing 0:16
    04. Instrumental Music 1:51
    05. EVB Sings Briefly 0:25
    06. Instrumental Music 3:50
    07. EVB Briefly Sings About Christmas Eve 0:31
    08. Vocal Music 2:19
    09. EVB Spoken Word 0:45

    Rose, Rose, Rosa
    You were a victim of circumstance
    Like all of us are
    But you had the sweetness to persevere
    Through all the dangerous years
    That attacked all human creatures
    Rosa, Rosa

    10. Instrumental Music 1:38
    11. EVB Spoken Word 0:28
    12. Instrumental and Vocal Music 5:35
    13. EVB Spoken Word 0:18

    Don’t let Circumstance be a detriment to your ability to be a human in sweetness and divine prestige

    14. EVB Spoken Word 0:40

    The Tapes are tuning
    The clock’s running out the clock’s running out
    Your life’s running out

    [Classical Music is Briefly Recorded]

    Marie wake up to reality
    Marie wake up to reality

    15. Vocal Music 3:17
    16. EVB Sings and Plays Stringed Instrument with Loud Hum in Background 1:44
    17. Classical Music 15:49

    Tape 15, side 1, 2nd half:
    01. Vocal and Instrumental Music 15:25

    Tape 15, side 2, 1st half:
    01. Classical Music 44:34

    Tape 15, side 2, 2nd half:
    01. Classical Music 11:44
    02. Popular Music 8:33
    03. Instrumental Music 1:51

    Tape 16, side 1
    01. EVB and Marie Test Equipment, then Recorded Music Plays 11:58
    02. Vocal Music 2:22
    03. Vocal Music 3:10
    04. Vocal Music, EVB Sings Along At Times 12:42
    05. Vocal Music 5:30
    06. Vocal Music 5:59

    Tape 16, side 2
    01. Instrumental Music 1:01
    02. Vocal Music 4:46
    03. Vocal Music 3:20
    04. Country Music 12:39
    05. Vocal Music 2:15
    06. Vocal/Popular Music 15:07
    07. Vocal Music 1:05

    Tape 17, side 1
    01. Classical Music 14:14
    02. Instrumental and Vocal Music 15:04
    03. EVB Speaking about God Over Opera Music and Humming, Words Difficult to Decipher 2:48

    Tape 17, side 2
    01. Radio Drama, then EVB Spoken Word, Then Extensive Conversation 9:23

    I cast the lions of many / And haven't seen any / That I can't condone besides myself / I love myself, I love myself / I never loved anybody else but myself / I am me, in me is a great man / And I don't take nothing from anyone / I have no hate for people / I have love for people, but no hate / That is me, that is me / You hear me, you see me / And if you don't like me / It is entirely up to you / That is your own fault

    [a discussion with EVB and at least two other women then begins]

    02. Classical Music 6:12
    03. Classical Music with Occasional Cuts to EVB Spoken Word 14:09

    Hello there hello there
    How much you gunna spend for the holidays
    How much you gunna spend for the holidays

    [classical music plays]

    This is midnight music
    This is, this is midnight music from WGN Chicago

    [classical music plays]

    Take your time now
    Don't run into the microphone

    [classical music plays]

    04. Vocal Music 2:59

    Tape 18, side 1
    01. Classical Music 31:03
    02. Instrumental Music 2:57
    03. EVB and Marie Fighting, Marie Screming 3:39

    Tape 18, side 2
    01. Classical Music 0:51
    02. Radio Dialogue and Then Classical Music 1:14
    03. Coverage of John Glenn’s Space Flight 35:18

    Tape 19, side 1
    01. Instrumental Music 1:31
    02. Vocal Music 3:31
    03. Jazz and Blues Music 15:47
    04. Classical Music 2:20
    05. Music, Mostly Instrumental, with EVB Drumming and Singing at Parts 10:28

    Tape 19, side 2
    01. Music with EVB Singing “In my Solitude” 1:04
    02. Classical Music 10:57
    03. Music—Popular and Other 19:51
    04. EVB Tests Recoding Device 0:35

    Tape 20, side 1
    01. News Broadcast 0:34
    02. Instrumental and Vocal Music 9:28
    03. Radio Interview 4:15

    Tape 20, side 2
    01. Music with EVB and Marie in Background 7:09
    02. Music and then News Reports on John Glenn’s Space Flight with EVB and Marie in Background 28:28

    Tape 21, side 1
    01. Brief Recorded Dialogue and then Jazz Music 7:16
    02. Classical Music 11:03
    03. Vocal and Popular Music 11:27
    04. Classical Music 5:20
    05. Music 1:32

    Tape 21, side 2
    01. Instrumental and Classical Music 11:18
    02. Instrumental and Vocal Music 8:19
    03. Vocal Music, EVB Sings Along At Times 7:24
    04. Vocal Music 8:03
    05. Instrumental Music—Greensleeves 1:58

    Tape 22, side 1, 1st Part
    01. Vocal Music 3:12
    02. EVB Speaks Briefly and Tests Recoding Device 0:33
    03. Various Music, Station Browsing 6:43
    04. Various Music 4:21
    05. Christmas and Winter-Themed Music 9:41
    06. Instrumental and Vocal Music 4:25
    07. Country Music 4:37
    08. Music, Mostly Instrumental 5:41
    09. Vocal and Instrumental Music 11:30

    Tape 22, side 1, 2nd Part
    01. Instrumental Music 2:14
    02. Vocal and Popular Music 27:30
    03. Jazz and Popular Music 10:20

    Tape 22, side 2, 1st Part
    01. Instrumental Music 0:27
    02. New Year’s Eve Programming 46:33

    Tape 22, side 2, 2nd Part
    01. New Year’s Eve Programming 7:04
    02. Instrumental and Vocal Music 5:22
    03. Instrumental and Vocal Music 23:43
    04. Instrumental Music 5:00
    05. Educational Programming on Cats 8:33